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Women Leaders in Real Estate

Women Leaders in Real Estate

Traditionally, the real estate business is dominated by men, but women are gradually taking over. A leading expert discusses her journey with 99acres as she outlines how a woman can benefit the entire realty in the long run.

India’s real estate sector has grown significantly over the years. It has become more organised, which has resulted in increased international penetration into Indian markets and an increase in services offered. This expansion and the need for talent has led to more women joining the sector.

What inspired you to make a career in real estate?

Real estate is a critical sector for the country’s economic growth. It fulfils the space requirements for industries and individuals while creating substantial employment opportunities. Due to the continuous rise in value, it is an alluring investment tool for people. But I recognised their dilemma while making investment decisions. This situation encouraged me to use my expertise in the sector and help people make their investment decisions. My firm is assisting consumers with consulting and advisory services. I am elated to share that we offer satisfactory services to consumers, including women.

How has been your professional journey so far, and what delights you the most about your career?

I have been serving the industry for around a decade, during which I gained core competencies on subjects such as real estate investment management, asset management and advisory. With utmost dedication, I extended my services to all the stakeholders and enabled them to make profitable decisions. It is enriching to meet new people, guide young professionals and receive honour and recognition. During my short journey, I received more than 22 awards and recognitions. Many prestigious platforms such as the Indian Achievers Forum honoured me with Woman of Excellence, Global Business Icons recognised me as Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Forever Star India Awards selected me as Real Super Woman 2021. Despite these achievements, I am not satisfied and working tirelessly to contribute to the further evolution of the sector.

What are the challenges you faced in the industry?

Real estate is a male-dominated sector. It is a little bit challenging for a woman to make things favourable. You are always surrounded by men whose thought process is a little bit different from women’s. There is a general perception of how a woman cannot make good decisions in a complicated realty segment. So, I found a trust deficit. Besides, it is difficult to find the right mentor, maintain a good work-life balance, and cope with criticism. But I also found that the industry is very receptive to new ideas and suggestions, no matter where they come from.

What strategies did you adopt to tide over the crisis in the last two years?

The last few years have been very challenging for every sector due to the pandemic. The real estate sector was not immune to that effect. Working came to a standstill at the site, so there were no new launches. We focused on marketing and establishing rapport with consumers through different media channels. It helped us develop confidence among consumers that are now turning into sales post the pandemic.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Maintaining a good work-life balance is important for all of us. Despite a hectic schedule, I try to save some time for family and execute my household responsibilities. I try to do my task on time and use my leaves with due consideration.

Any tips for women venturing in real estate?

Indeed, it is a male-dominated segment, but there is a lot of opportunities for women to thrive. Women possess good management skills, great communication and networking skills, perseverance and other qualities that can help them achieve big in the segment. So, I would like to suggest that they join the sector with confidence and big ambitions to accomplish their dreams.

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

Real estate is a vast industry that gives you immense opportunities to learn. I enjoyed my learning phase here. I gained knowledge about the challenges and opportunities in the sector that is helping me in creating business strategies. A great perk that comes with real estate is networking. It helped me grow my circle. It is the most beneficial and enjoyable thing that the industry offers.

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