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The Challenges Women Face as Entrepreneurs

The Challenges Women Face as Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has become a very lucrative career option for talented people in India and many people including women are opting for it in different sectors. But, despite the government’s efforts and appropriate measures to promote gender equality, the entrepreneurship space is being dominated by men. This can be attributed to the challenges women have to face if they choose entrepreneurship. There are fewer sectors that are women-friendly. The majority of the big sectors like manufacturing and construction are being dominated by men. Women also find it difficult to get proper guidance from reputed mentors. This happens because the industry veterans don’t believe in women’s capabilities. Apart from that, there are poor funding prospects for women as investors are reluctant to invest in women-led businesses while banks consider women less credit-worthy. Still today, women are expected to stick to traditional gender roles like domestic chores. Women have limited mobility options, or there are restrictions. They can’t travel alone and stay in a hotel due to safety reasons. These are some of the major challenges that badly affect the growth of women in India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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