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India- The next hub for Real Estate Investments

India- The next hub for Real Estate Investments

According to experts, investor sentiments will impact the Real Estate industry of India.

The commercial real estate deals and mergers have graphed down in a significant manner as those investing in the US Real Estate market are alert because of spiking rates of interest, recession in the American economy, and cap rate gaps, according to investment bankers and finance managers.

Big daddies like CPPIB and Blackstone might not get affected by the jolts of the US recession.  But a major chunk of active investors from Southeast Asia like Mapletree and CapitaLand are likely to take recourse of investments now.

According to experts and investment bankers, investors who are active in the US now want to take a pause and watch when will the rates spike and how FED will behave in the next H2.

Another key reason highlighted by the investment banker resources is that the halt has resulted due to the mismatch in the cap rates between sellers and investors.

Cap Rate is defined as the ratio between the annual rental income produced by an asset from the real estate to its market current value. The purpose of the Cap Rate is to asses returns and profitability from the investments.

According to real estate analysts, the sellers always opt for a lower cap rate. On the other hand, the buyers or investors pitch for a higher cap rate. Investors counter by saying that a higher cap rate would reflect in the increased interest rate while sellers justify by saying that a higher ask in the cashflows and asset quality are the same. So, the cap rate remains unaffected.

US investors in India have taken a break after the closure of their ongoing real estate commitments and the recession looming over the American market and the spiking inflation. This will surely impact the sentiments of the investors. The forecast for real estate might see a change in the third quarter but for now, it is an alert for global investors.

In contrast to the Asia Real Estate experts, US investors are of the view that there are a host of opportunities that have the US investors busy in their homelands. They say that US investors are hesitant to opt for other real estate investment opportunities.

Another Asian real estate expert quoted that the cap rates in India range between 7.5 % to 8.5% as compared to 6% in the US. Despite the fact that investors are inclined to flush in investments in their home markets but only existing US investors are doing so and not the new ones. Another reason quoted was that the value of the dollar comes down after currency risk adjustments and the risk of the country makes the returns unacceptable in a foreign like the US.

But on the whole real estate scenario globally, a load of US funds is running behind the Indian properties. India has become an investment destination due to its easy FDI regulation in several sectors making the capital market favourable. While the US is fighting COVID-19 and its subsequent economic recession.

The real estate market of India is noticing an excellent return on investments as compared to other countries. With the spike in residential, commercial, shopping and storehouse outlooks, a good amount of money is attracted to good projects from global investors a huge ratio covering the US.

Singapore-based Mapletree Investments recently gained an acquisition worth 320 crand a full acquisition in terms of an area of 12 million sq ft of a logistics park owned by KSH Infra Industrial Park, a subsidiary of Pune-based KSH Infra. Another bid for Waverock by Shapoorji Pallonji Allinaze is on the cards. CapitaLand also based itself on a joint venture with L & T Realty.

CapitLand India Trust Management has plans to invest around `1,940 croresin the next 4 to 5 years, to acquire and further develop a 55-megawatt data centre in Chennai. On the other hand, GIC formed a $600-million JV with storehousing giant ESR recently.

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