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How a Woman Entrepreneur is a Key Player in The Real Estate Industry

How a Woman Entrepreneur is a Key Player in The Real Estate Industry

Every domain of business in India is evolving swiftly while embracing all the necessary modifications for the benefit of the stakeholders. The real estate sector is not anyway behind in adopting changes to serve the consumers better with their dream home. In an unusual and much-awaited change, the sector is witnessing the entry of women into the top leadership positions. The male-dominated sector is welcoming this change with new hopes and confidence that the leadership skills of women will help in dealing with the challenges the sector is facing. It will also assist in making the sector future-ready.

Women are not only assuming top roles in the companies but also opting for entrepreneurship. In recent years, entrepreneurship has gained enormous attention from budding, educated, and talented young women. Almost every sector is witnessing the entry of women entrepreneurs. The real estate sector is among the favorite fields for them to enter and earn a name. Women possess some special qualities that ensure their progress in the sector. This is the reason why women entrepreneurs have become key players in the segment with immense potential to push the growth of the sector.

The realty sector has been very unfortunate for years. Its reputation among the common people has not been good due to one or another reason such as delays in delivery, stalled projects, and others. Women entrepreneurs are changing this image of the sector with their astounding quality of communication and rapport development with stakeholders. With this quality, they establish a tenacious bond with consumers that help them raise funds for new projects. It also assists them in selling the ready projects. As great communicators, they also understand how to position their brand in the market and how to reach prospects.

For a real estate entrepreneur, it is quintessential to be good at doing multiple jobs simultaneously. Women entrepreneurs in the realty space have shown extraordinary skills in managing different tasks efficiently. They are quite well at understanding the challenging dynamics of the sector and quickly adapt to the changing market scenario. This is extremely favorable to the growth of the sector which strives to meet the ever-changing aspirations of the tech-savvy and globetrotting customers.

Women customers play a major role in the decision of the family to purchase a home or make an investment in realty projects. With the entry of women entrepreneurs, the industry is now able to understand the physiology of these women consumers. Accordingly, it can now create the space of their dreams. Apart from that, women entrepreneurs inspire them to invest in projects by making them understand that the realty sector is the best investment option. It will help in drawing the attention of more consumers. Besides, the rich interaction with the women consumers has made the sector evolve with design and structure.

Some interpersonal skills of women entrepreneurs such as perseverance, optimism, quality of being soft-spoken, diligence, and others are helping them scale the ladder of success in the segment. On the other hand, it is also helping the sector enhance its reputation among the existing consumers and prospects. Besides, the participation of women in the business will help the sector put forth its long pending demands before the government strongly.

Women entrepreneurs have abilities to transform the realty sector and they are doing the same by introducing different cultures and marketing practices. Their unique empathy is bringing another perspective in decision-making. They are broadening market vision, enhancing board dynamics, inspiring women investors, and also improving the reputation of the sector. They are not only augmenting the growth of the sector but also attaining financial independence as well as their niche.

(By Ms. Heena Sehrawat, CEO, The Heena Realty Makers)

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