Vision - The Heena Realty Makers


The Realty segment opens up many avenues for value-based investments and property advisories. The Heena Realty makers envisions to become a professional real estate consultancy offering 360-degree investment solutions. Our clientele shall be diverse from all strata of the society in the global market. The brand is aimed to propel Real Estate Transactions & Advisory Services for the NRI segment for luxury homes. Further, extending her revolutionary business ides, HRM aims to raise The Heena Real Estate Club that will fuel the budding aspirants in the real estate sector. Through various online platforms and exhaustive techniques, HRM aims to nurture the future of India into a prospect contributor to the GDP of the country. These real estate careers will enlighten the path of investors and buyers towards a sorted and efficient safe investment in the real estate sector. Under the guidance of Heena Sehrawat, HRM vouches to benefit the huge customer base of the global realty market.