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We believe in delivering exceptional real estate services…

The Heena Realty Makers is a showstopper in the Realty showbiz of the Indian market. Heena Realty Makers first opened its eyes in 2021 in the realty hub of Gurugram. Led by a passionate and dynamic personality, Heena Sehrawat, the brand offers transparent and trusted real estate solutions to the Indian and foreign markets. We at HRM vouch to make property for sale or houses for sale a sorted and easy process. It is now no longer a dream that can’t be converted into reality. We aim that every individual should have his dream roof or invest to raise a good fortune. Team HRM excels in delivering client satisfaction, resolving property-related customer concerns, realty investments, site seeing, verification of documents, authorised approvals and licences.

The Heena Realty Makers rolls out a diverse platter of real estate consultancy services in Delhi-NCR. We come with expertise in commercial and residential spaces. At HRM, advanced and strategized property solutions are offered to facilitate easy sales and purchases. We also serve to assist in upgrading real estate transactions into planned transactions.

Competitive services at The Heena Realty Makers have helped us gain a competitive edge in the real estate business.

Value added services at The Heena Realty Makers

  • Real Estate Investment Management- Enjoy a stress-free advisory in investment management in the real estate sector.
  • Real Estate Career consultancy- At HRM, we educate and train professionally the passionate and aspiring talent who wish to make their mark in the real estate segment.
  • Real Estate Appraisal– We help you upgrade your commercial spaces for maximum efficiency. This helps you to stay in the standard league of the international market.
  • Loan Assistance– We help you in processing loan approvals with the right paperwork and authority.
  • NRI Investments– We cater to all the preferences and needs of international property investors looking to park their money in India.


The Heena Realty Makers is one of the top real estate companies in India. We carry a vast platter of on-ground experience and we pair our services with departmental operations. Our team of real estate hustlers ensure that the buyer is confident in routing the money towards real estate. Our happy customers have made us feel proud by following such inclusive and engaging working policies. The brand HRM has bestowed trust and confidence which is vital for opting for an apt real estate investment. The Heena Realty Makers helps customers sail through the entire process of buying or selling a home or commercial space with ease in a cost-effective manner. We have been converting and closing deals in record-breaking TAT that has given TRM an edge in the India Realty sector.

CEO's Desk

Heena Sehrawat hails with real estate expertise gained in a decade’s time period. Seasoned in various departments and levels of real estate operations, Heena Sehrawat has earned core competency in diverse platforms of the Realty sector. She has a high command of Real Estate Investment Management and Real Estate advisory domains. She had an eye for detail to identify the plights of customers who wish to invest in real estate.

Her passion to get these customers sorted made her raise The Heena Realty Makers. Heena spearheads the brand competitively and has risen above the curve. She has made her mark in this male-dominant sector and serves as an inspiration to future women entrepreneurs. She has professionally mazed the gap between accurate real estate advisories and customers. HRM and Heena herself are pillared with dedication, loyalty and work transparency. This has earned her the trust and respect of her counterparts in the industry.

Heena comes from an engineering background but developed an inclination toward the realty sector. HRM vouches to bring revolutionary changes in the realty sector that will put India on the global Real Estate map. Team HRM is developed with a vision to channelise and sort the functioning and operations of the property segment in India. Team HRM guides prospective customers with transparency and trusted real estate advisories. This makes Heena Realty Makers one of the top real estate companies in India. The fan base of HRM is multiplying as they continue to deliver excellence in services.

Heena strives to build a good and hassle-free leeway between various departments and local bodies who are connected to the operations at HRM. She is a perfectionist and takes the lead to the finish. Heena has hustled in all departments that require to function for the requirements of real estate investors, builders and prospective customers. With her fine business acumen, everlasting spirit and courage, Heena has navigated through the up and down hill of the real estate sector to reach where she is today.

Her unbiased and commitment to the social development of society and her business have won her many accolades with a silver lining. At the National & International levels, Heena Sehrawat is aimed to transform the Indian Realty sector making it a sought-after destination for investors around the globe.