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We are a leading name in the real estate realm, founded in 2021 in the hotspot of real estate Gurugram by dynamic realty leader Ms Heena Sehrawat with a vision to bring more transparency by proposing Trusted Advisory Services in the Indian Realty space. The company aims to offer authentic, safe, organized, trusted, and transparent advisory services in the real estate sector. The Heena Realty Makers offers real estate investment consulting in Delhi-NCR in luxury commercials and residentials of Stalwarts in the Industry. It stays committed to offer Advanced and Innovative Solutions with Technical Strategies helping the clients take favourable decisions regarding their investments and upgrading real estate transactions into organised ones.

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An Overview of the Gurgaon Real Estate Market.

Once a quiet town on Delhi's outskirts, Gurgaon has grown into a thriving city. It is a major player in real estate. Modern office buildings, luxury houses, and tall apartments sparkle in the metropolitan skyline.

Despite the increasing costs, many multinational companies prefer Gurgaon. This is because of the easy availability of labor and land. The flocking of commercial establishments has made Gurgaon a Millennial city. There are many impressive residential and commercial properties in Gurgaon to please investors. Though buying a house in Gurgaon is not easy, many seek to own a property here. Those who seek will find the best properties in Gurgaon on Now, let's unfold the options of real estate investment in the chest of Gurgaon.
The Rise of Real Estate in Gurgaon
The demand for commercial real estate in Gurgaon remains high due to its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and proximity to the airport. Residential Real Estate: The residential real estate market in Gurgaon offers a wide range of options, from luxury apartments and villas to affordable housing projects.
Frequently Asked Questions


Since the real estate market is highly complex and to get the best returns on investments, expert opinion is important. Also, the amount of money required in a real estate investment is more, thus buyers must stay caution while making the investments. By taking, professional consulting on all the real estate investments, the buyers can make a safe and better investment.

The Heena Realty Makers provide accurate and unbiased real estate consulting on your commercial/residential investments. We have years of experience in real estate investments and help our customers in making the right and more valuable property decisions. We ensure that our customers make the best investment decision at the right price.

Commercial properties include retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, apartment buildings, etc. that are used for commercial purposes.

We choose properties that match all the requirements of a good real estate investment. We suggest buyers to invest in properties having a high probability of price rise in the future. As a part of our work ethics, we follow the crystal approach in all property deals.

We charge a nominal and affordable fee for our professional real estate advisory services. Our consultation fees vary as per the project and to know the charges, you can call our real estate advisory experts.

Simply call or drop us a message and will be revert back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, it is. Since commercial real estate properties provide excellent appreciation over a longer period as compared to other property, so you can expect a good return on your investment.

While purchasing property in Gurgaon, make sure that you check every document related to the property, approved layout plan, all clearances, etc. With expertise and a good hold in the Indian Real Estate market, The Heena Realty Makers help you make the best investment decision in the booming real estate market.

Founder, CEO The Heena Realty Makers
Meet Heena Sehrawat
Founder, CEO "The Heena Realty Makers"

The Heena Realty Makers is a prominent real estate consulting firm dedicated to providing valuable investment advice to a wide range of clients. Heena Realty Makers is a reputable real estate consulting firm located in Gurugram. Backed by a team of seasoned real estate professionals, the company remains committed to securing the well-being and success of its clients. We aid our clients in discovering top-notch residential and commercial properties that yield lucrative returns on investment. You can rely on us to guide you in making sound residential or commercial investments.

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